Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours

Rocky Mountaineer rail tours

There are many reasons to take a Rocky Mountaineer rail tour. Read on to discover how this unique train journey can make your vacation more memorable. From the SilverLeaf Service to the end-to-end journey, this train offers a wide variety of options. From a comfortable, bi-level glass-dome luxury coach to an a la carte lunch, you will be able to find a train that suits your tastes and budget.

SilverLeaf Service

If you’ve never experienced a Rocky Mountaineer train, you’re in for a treat. This rail tour company offers two different service levels, GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf. You’ll have to decide which level best suits your needs. Both service levels feature bilevel glass dome luxury coaches and gourmet meals created by Executive Chefs. For the most luxurious and memorable experience, choose the SilverLeaf service.

GoldLeaf Service: This luxurious Canadian Rockies train features a full service restaurant, gourmet meals, and locally sourced wines. GoldLeaf Service offers 360-degree views and full-service comfort. All meals are served in the privacy of your seat. Seats are heated for your comfort. The glass dome ceiling is the most striking feature. Guests can also sit outside and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

End-to-end journey

A typical day aboard a Rocky Mountaineer train starts with breakfast. SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf guests enjoy their meals at their seats in the dining area of the lower level of the train. Second-seating passengers, meanwhile, will enjoy their meals and beverages at their seats. On the second day of your journey, the meal seatings will switch. You may want to grab a cup of coffee or tea before departing the hotel, but you won’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy your first full breakfast onboard. After breakfast, you can walk the train for a bit. Rocky Mountaineer rail tours are best enjoyed over two days, so you’ll want to pack plenty of clothing to stay comfortable.

The Rocky Mountaineer is known for its excellent reputation in Canada, but it has recently launched a new route that crosses the United States. The train runs only during the day, allowing you to see the scenery. You’ll also enjoy SilverLeaf service, which includes storytelling and delicious regional cuisine. The service is second to none, and there’s no shortage of it. So you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself while traveling in the Rocky Mountains.


To make the most of your Rocky Mountaineer rail tour, you should remember to pack for comfort. You should avoid business-casual or semi-formal attire. Instead, pack layers of comfortable clothing and make sure you have mobile reception. During the journey, you will travel through some of the most beautiful regions of western Canada. If the weather is iffy, bring a sweater or light jacket. Then, you can enjoy the ride.

GoldLeaf Service seats on the Rocky Mountaineer are fully adjustable and feature a customised electric system. The seats recline fully and feature an adjustable back arch and heated leg rests. The GoldLeaf service also offers heated seats to warm the lower part of your body. There are also complimentary beverages throughout the journey. In addition to these features, the Rocky Mountaineer offers a full gourmet menu to keep you well-fed throughout your journey.

Dining experience

When it comes to the dining experience on a Rocky Mountaineer rail tour, there is nothing better than being served a delicious meal right at your seat. The train’s SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf classes feature an ‘eat at your seat’ dining experience where each row is treated like a restaurant. You can enjoy a gourmet meal, or choose to eat at your seat at designated times. As the train passes by stunning scenery, you’ll enjoy personalized service and scheduled meals. You’ll even be able to order drinks on demand. The food is also fresh, incorporating ingredients from local producers, including seasonal vegetables grown in the state, and desserts from the Aspen Baking Company.

In addition to its gourmet food, the train’s GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf service levels offer two levels of dining, depending on your budget and style. SilverLeaf service includes reserved seating under the GoldLeaf dome, breakfast, and access to the GoldLeaf outdoor viewing platform. You’ll also enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages on board. You can also upgrade to a more luxurious hotel room during your stay in Kamloops with the GoldLeaf Deluxe Service.


The iconic Canadian Rockies are more than just mountains and valleys. The Rocky Mountaineer train journey takes you through a mystical world of shifting landscapes, gourmet cuisine, and dynamic storytelling. And you’ll never forget the impeccable service and gold-leaf amenities – a unique experience that’s part of your Canada package holiday! The best part? Booking your rail tour with Rocky Mountaineer is risk-free – you can cancel your trip for any reason up to 60 days before your departure date and still receive a full travel credit.

A policy with Rocky Mountaineer allows travelers to choose trip interruption coverage, which reimburses up to the sum insured in the event of a covered reason. The policy will also reimburse you if you’re missing a travel companion, family member, or other member of your party for any covered reason. In this case, you can claim up to $1500 in reimbursements. This option is particularly helpful if you’re traveling with a small child.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours